Initial Consultation - Free

We will meet with you in your community or over-the-phone to determine your career goals and objectives. We pride ourselves on building a relationship with you first in order to find the best job for YOU.

Professional Development Workshops

No matter the size of the group, we can provide our professional development workshops to teach professional communication, social media clean-ups, proper resume and cover letter formatting, interviewing skills, etiquette 101, and more. We can customize these sessions to meet your needs at any time!

Dinner Etiquette

We all know how tricky it can be to navigate table settings, manners, and proper etiquette at your first formal lunch or dinner. We teach you and your group all of the tools, tips, and tricks to make a lasting impression long after dinner is served! Contact us to book your group now!

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consulting

Every day, we work with people from marginalized populations to help them find meaningful employment throughout the community. However, equally if not more important is the inclusivity of the environment that they are going into. We will work with employers large and small to complete a comprehensive assessment, develop a DEI-focused plan for the worksite, and create a training tool to help your team become a naturally supportive workplace for all. Contact us now for a custom quote. 

Employment Consulting

We meet with Employers state-wide to assist in developing a plan for helping students transitioning out of high school or college into employment. We know that it is important to you to see them succeed after graduation and we will help develop a custom plan for your school to ensure this progression happens for your students.

Career Assessments

Through our multiple assessment tests, we will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, career interests, physical and mental capabilities and more. Then we combine the data together to give you a comprehensive report on your career path based on today’s job market.

Resume and Cover Letter

We can help you update your current resume and cover letter. Need to start from scratch? We know what it takes to create one that will get you to the top. We will show you how to tailor your cover letter so employers can see your potential immediately.

Job Applications & Assessments

It can be tricky to fill out those lengthy applications or pass the assessments – let us show you the way! We will help you navigate the internet to find the jobs you’re looking for. For the Assessment tests, employers want to know that you’ve got the right personality, the right decision-making skills, and basic comprehension of the job at hand. Passing these test is something we do on a daily basis and we are happy to help you pass yours!

Interview Preparation

Through mock interviews, phone and in-person preparation, we work with you up to the minute of the interview. We will make sure you are prepared for any question and that you have the confidence you need to get the job.